Attendance and Leave Rules

1. All the students are expected to maintain 100% attendance in the school.
2. All the students from class I to class XII should have the minimum of 85% attendance and for class XI and XII the minimum of 80% attendance.
3. Students of Classes XI and XII, who have secured CGPA 8.5 and above in Class X and are preparing for the competitive examinations, will be granted and additional leverage of 5% leave and would require the minimum of 75% attendance. Such students will have to submit the supportive documents against the leave.
4. Students participating in National/State/Zonal level events must have the minimum of 65% attendance. These events will be treated as duty, if approved by the School. Such students will have to submit the supportive documents of participation against the leave.
5. Leaves will be granted only on reasons like prolonged illness, demise of a parent or any other reason of similar serious nature, authorized participation in sponsored tournaments, cultural events and sports meets of not less than inter School Level. Permission would be granted only for events approved by the school.
6. While sanctioning the leave applied for reasons other than those mentioned above, class Teacher / Principal may sanction leave based on student’s previous leave record, performance, behavior and any other priority or event in the School. The School reserves the right to decline a leave.

7. Student must avail a leave only in case of urgency.
• Leaves should be intimated through this Leave Application form seeking permission from the class teacher. Other than an emergency, approval of the leave/s should be sought at least five days in advance.
• In case of unforeseen circumstances the child must submit a leave application clearly stating the reason for absence, on the day he/she joins back School.

8. Class Teacher is authorized to sanction leave up to 2 days. Leave for three days or more will be sanctioned by the Principal. In case of an emergency where the leave could not be applied in advance, intimation can be sent to the School through email or call and the leave application must be submitted to the Class Teacher on the first day of resuming the school.
9. A Medical certificated issued by a Registered Medical Practitioner/Hospital as applicable must support the leave on Medical ground. The requisite certificate is required to be submitted on the day the student joins the school after availing the leave. In case the absence is likely to exceed three days, an interim Medical (sickness) Certificate is required to be submitted within three days.
10. A student joining after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease or any serious ailment is required to produce a certificate of fitness issued by the concerned doctor / holidays permitting him / her to attend the School.
11. Attendance on the last working day of school preceding vacations / holidays and the first working day thereafter is compulsory. No leave shall be granted for any extension of holidays before or after especially for social gatherings or trips.
12. Attendance on all important events/functions in compulsory. The students found absent, are liable to face disciplinary action. 13. Short leave will not be permitted unless there is dire emergency.
14. Students with attendance below the prescribed level or indulging in frequent absenteeism or where leave is not authorized for certain reason (s) by the School, will call for action.
15. Repeated absence without prior sanction of leave, unexplained absence for more than six consecutive days renders the student’s admission liable to be cancelled.

• Every absence (due to sickness or otherwise) must be entered briefly in the Record of Absence page of the Almanac and signed by parents or guardians.
• Parents are requested to send a leave application (in school format).